Hamster Sales


We currently sell our hamsters for $30.  When pups are two weeks of age, we will contact potential buyers on our list, confirm interest, and request a non-refundable $10 deposit via Paypal, Venmo, check, or cash.  We reserve the right to refuse sale.  In the case that we are unable to sell you a hamster for any reason, we will return your deposit in full.

Hamster pups typically go to their new home sometime around 6 to 8 weeks of age, sometimes later if we feel they are not quite ready to part with mom (females only, as males are separated from mom and female siblings by 4 weeks) or a sibling.

We typically will only sell one hamster pup per family.  If for any reason you decide you can no longer care for a purchased hamster from our hamstery, please return the hamster to us.

Bin Cage Sales (We are not currently selling bin cages)

We offer a constructed bin cage for $50.  These bin cages meet the 450 square inches of unbroken space requirement, the exact dimensions may vary slightly depending on the bins we purchase to modify (typically from Target or Walmart).  Bin cages include mesh on two sides for proper ventilation. 

Hamster Care Education

Free! Please contact us at any point if you have any questions or concerns about your hamster or its care.