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Welcome to Poppy Bee Hamstery!

 I am a hobbyist Syrian Hamster breeder located in Fairfax, Virginia.  My story is simple, I have a long history of owning and loving Syrian hamsters, from the time I was about 13 years old. I am unhappy with the manner in which most hamsters are bred and raised for our large scale pet stores, they are often stocked with hamsters from rodent mills. Hamsters in rodent mills are kept in deplorable conditions. Our goal is to ethically breed and raise healthy and tame hamsters!

Our Facility

We strive to give the best care to our hamsters.  We provide enclosures that meet or exceed the required unbroken floor space minimum of 450 sq. in.  All hamsters are given a large diameter running wheel and other enrichment to ward off boredom.

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