Our Litters

Titania x Manuel 2018

Litter 1: Titania X Manuel

Born: December 6th, 2018

Dam: Zika's Titania

Chocolate Dominant Spot Short-haired female

aa bb Ee P_ Dsds whwh(p) Ll

Sire: Zika's Manuel

Black Eyed Ivory Long-haired male

Aa Bb ee P_ _sg whwh(p) ll

*All of the pups from this litter have been rehomed, please contact us if you would like to be put on our waiting list for a pup from a future litter.

Poppy Bee's Dove


Black Dominant Spot Long-haired female

aa Bb Ee P_ _sg Dsds wh_  ll

Dove was our only long-haired female pup, and in the beginning she had so much fur I assumed she was a male.  She probably had the calmest personality in this litter and she currently enjoys her human family very much.

Poppy Bee's Calling Bird


Pale Eared Cream Long-haired male

_a bb ee P_ wh_ ll

Calling Bird was one of our three floofy boys, I hope he grows up to rival his papa hamster in floofiness.  He's also cuddly.

Poppy Bee's Goose


Pale Eared Cream Polywhite Long-haired male

_a bb ee P_ wh(p)wh(p) ll

Goose was one of my favorite boys in this litter; I really liked his coloring and personality.  He left our house for a long trip to his new home in North Carolina!

Poppy Bee's Leap


Pale Eared Cream Polywhite Short-haired male

_a bb ee P_ wh(p)wh(p) Ll

Leap was one of our friendliest and bravest in the litter, one of the first to approach my hand for treats, and always trying to escape! He is currently residing with his rodent-expert owner in Alabama!

Poppy Bee's Partridge


Black-Eyed White Short-haired male

_a _b ee P_ _sg _ds wh_ Ll

Partridge was one of our two black eyed white pups, and for a long time I had difficulty telling them apart and referred to them as the "twins".  Partridge ended up being a fully white pup (while his twin had a few faint cream spots)

Poppy Bee's Piper


Black-Eyed White Short-haired male

_a _b ee P_ _sg _ds wh_ Ll

Piper was our other black eyed white pup.  He was a personal favorite of mine because he posed so nicely for the camera and we got one of our best pictures from him.

Poppy Bee's Swan


Red-Eyed White Short-haired female

_a _b ee __(p) _sg _ds wh_ Ll

We aren't sure if Swan got her dark red eyes from the cinnamon gene, but since they started off pretty dark, they most likely come from multiple pattern genes (Dominant spot and Polywhite).  The only way to know for sure would be to test breed her.

Poppy Bee's Pear


Black-Eyed Cream Short-haired male

_a Bb ee P_ wh_ Ll

Pear was our only black eyed cream in the litter, one of my favorite hamster colors.  His coloring is not quite uniform and his ears are a bit mottled, so I suspect he carries the polywhite gene, but I do not know for sure.

Poppy Bee's Turtle


Pale-Eared Cream Polywhite Long-haired male

_a bb ee P_ _sg _ds wh(p)wh(p) ll

Turtle looks like a Black-Eyed White, but if you examine him closely, he has a large area of pale cream color on his head and bum.  He is a sweet floofy boy.  

Poppy Bee's Drummer


Black Short-haired Male

aa Bb Ee P_ _sg wh_ Ll

Drummer was a very popular hamster in our litter, as he was one of only two solid black pups!  It's likely that many of the cream pups in this litter are actually black as well, however cream will mask the black color.

Poppy Bee's Lady


Rust Dominant Spot Short-haired female

Aa bb Ee P_ wh_ Ll

Lady was our only rust pup (we did get some pale-eared cream pups, which is a combo of rust and cream).  She was one of the busiest hams in the litter and was always running around!

Poppy Bee's French Hen


Black Short-haired female

aa Bb Ee P_ wh_ Ll

French Hen was our other solid black pup in the litter, she had a sizable splotch of white on her belly, maybe from carrying polywhite.